Why Does Your Senior Have Balance Problems?

Home Care in Monmouth Junction NJ: Causes of Balance Problems

There can be a variety of different reasons that your elderly family member might have trouble with her balance. If you can narrow down the causes, you might be able to correct the problem. Headaches and Migraines. Headaches and migraines can be so painful that they can affect your senior’s balance. If she has chronic…

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Out-of-Bed Alarms That Help You Get Sleep When Caring for Your Mom

Elder Care in Hamilton NJ: Out of Bed Alarms

Your mom has Alzheimer’s and is starting to wander. Your dad has fallen several times while trying to get to the bathroom in the middle of the night. You’re having a hard time sleeping at night because you’re worried something will happen when you’re not there. If you are there, you worry that you’ll sleep…

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The Right Way to Use a Cane

Caregiver in East Windsor NJ: Using a Cane

If your elderly relative is no longer completely steady when they walk, their doctor or physical therapist may recommend they start using a cane for support. Canes are lightweight, affordable, and very effective in providing a little extra support for the elderly. Most people think that an elderly person can just grab a cane and…

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What Family Caregivers Need to Know About Carbon Monoxide

Caregiver in Plainsboro NJ: Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Is your elderly parent’s home safe from carbon monoxide? Thousands of people get sick or die from carbon monoxide poisoning each year. The gas is tasteless, odorless, and invisible. It is also very poisonous and can be a serious problem in homes, especially in the winter. Family caregivers need to make sure their elderly mom…

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How to Widen a Door for a Wheelchair

Caregiver in Robbinsville NJ: How to Widen a Door for a Wheelchair

Many family caregivers see the need to modify their homes or their elderly parent’s homes as they become less mobile and need family caregiver services. One of the problems with existing homes is that they aren’t usually constructed with elderly people’s needs in mind. If an aging parent uses a walker or a wheelchair, getting…

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Four Options to Turn to When Your Mom Can No Longer Drive

Home Care in Millstone NJ: Transportation Options

At your mom’s last medical appointment, her eye doctor said it’s no longer safe for her to drive. Her vision has worsened. You don’t know how to get her around. While you can drive her on weekends, transportation, when you’re at work, is impossible. Here are four ways to make sure your mom has a…

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Boost Awareness During Talk About Prescriptions Month

Senior Care in Hamilton NJ: Talk About Prescriptions Month

October is Talk About Prescriptions Month and it’s the perfect time for elderly men and women, as well as their family caregivers, to focus on their prescription medications and review how they are doing and whether anything needs to be changed. Doctors are always happy to hold discussions with patients that boost awareness, education, and…

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How Is Aging Affecting Your Loved One’s Ability to Drive?

Elder Care in Hamilton NJ: Safe Driving

Many different factors can influence whether your loved one should be driving or not. One of the most pervasive can be simple aging. Her Vision or Hearing Aren’t as Good as They Were. When your loved one’s vision and hearing decline, it can be gradual and she may be able to compensate. Eventually, she may…

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Carpets and Falls

Home Care in Allentown NJ: Carpets and Falls

We’ve all done it. We rumple up the carpet when we’re vacuuming, and then later when we walk through the room, we catch our toe on the wrinkle and trip. This is usually not a big deal. We stumble a bit, but we usually catch ourselves before we even fall down. Unfortunately, though, this isn’t…

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Preventing Falls in the Home

Elder Care in West Windsor NJ: Preventing Falls in the Home

Whether your loved one lives alone with the help of an elder care aide, or whether they live in your home with you and your family, falling can still be a danger. The elderly are much more prone to falling than their younger counterparts, due to balance issues, mobility problems, or even decreasing vision. Not…

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