Caregiver Match Guarantee

The Independence Home Care Difference!

Independence Home Care prides itself on providing the best caregivers in Central NJ and has been doing so since we opened our doors in 2010.  We have instituted an extremely rigorous screening and interview process, which is very thorough and unsurpassed in the industry. We require our caregivers to have a minimum of two years’ experience.  We also require each and every one of our caregivers to have had the proper medical checks and paperwork before we would even consider interviewing them. Learn more about our High Standards here.

Personality Profile

IHC has gone so far as to develop a proprietary personality profile questionnaire that we have the caregivers complete that gives us more insight into the personality traits of the caregiver.  We do this so we can properly match a caregiver’s personality appropriately with each client.  We feel that personality matching is vital to establishing a happy and healthy relationship between the caregiver and the client.

How Does it Work?

When IHC receives a request for service, the IHC team collaborates on which caregiver would be a good match for the client. We handle these types of transitions professionally and make sure that our client’s ALWAYS feel at ease.

Again, it is our goal to ensure we are providing the best caregiver match for each client.  We will not stop searching for the right fit until you are satisfied.